A New Year


Happy 2018, all! I can't believe another year is upon us already. I feel so thankful for the good things our family experienced in 2017—the adventures we had, the travels we took, the food we ate, the books we read, the challenges we overcame, and so much more. I'm especially grateful for our Ruby and for the ways we got to watch her grow and transform and change every single day. Just when I thought I wanted time to freeze, that I wanted her to stay the same age and size that she was in that very moment, she learned something new or tried something different or did something adorable and hilarious, and I realized, once again, that every day, every hour, every minute with this baby girl is a brand new gift, that every stage is one to be cherished anew.

I'm looking forward to writing more here on the blog, especially about the books I'm reading. I've always been an avid reader but in the last several months, I've rediscovered my passion for books. I've set a goal of reading 1,000 books in the coming years, and I can't wait to document that adventure in part here on the blog. There will be lots more to share here, too—family life, travel adventures, daily musings, puppy photos and baby photos galore. For now, happy 2018 to you and yours!