Hi, hi! I'm sending my sincerest apologies to my dear sweet Coffee & Tacos, this amazing outlet and space for creativity, for not gracing its presence in far too long, but I am back! I think after I wrote this exciting post I wanted to let everything sink in for awhile. It is so surreal and amazing that we are going to be parents! Since my last post, James & I traveled to both Seattle and Florida as part of a whirlwind, just-what-we-needed anniversary trip. We had originally scheduled a trip to Puerto Rico that got thwarted by the Zika virus, but God knew that we'd have a much better time eating and exploring our way through Seattle with our bffs (seriously, there is nothing cooler than being pregnant at the same time as your bestie) and then spending a relaxing week in Florida sans plans, agendas, and to-do lists. Baby girl made an appearance in some beach photos and James & I had so much quality time together during our lazy days spent swimming in the gulf, eating at the beach bar, reading good books, walking through the mangroves, and watching the sunset. The whole adventure was good for the soul.

Laura got married in the most gorgeous wedding ceremony of the year at such a cool local venue. She was a knockout bride who was so calm, cool, and collected. She and her husband, Curtis, are the perfect match, and I felt so honored to be a part of their special day. James got to play in a band during the reception and he had way too much fun - he's such an amazing performer. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones but I got a little emotional when he whipped out his violin for a cover of Wagon Wheel - he's so dang talented! The band wore rust-colored tuxes that nearly stole the show.

We're trying to pack a few more trips into our calendar before I can't fly anymore, so we're heading to Palm Springs to spend this weekend with my family - I am beyond excited. I haven't been to Palm Springs since this amazing girls trip a few years ago, and I can't wait to go back. We rented a super cool house and we actually haven't made any real plans, so I know the weekend will be a perfect blend of relaxation and activity. Plus, I can't wait to celebrate Mother's Day with my mama and my baby girl!

The following weekend we'll be spending time in Chicago while our dear friend, Patrick, shoots a legacy video that will feature my incredible great-uncle and his twin brother, my grandfather, who passed away when I was very young. It's a project our family has wanted to work on for such a long time so I'm grateful it's coming together now. My great-uncle John is nearly 95 years old but doesn't act a day over 30 - he is truly a rock star with so many incredible stories to tell.

I had a lovely case of strep throat that I battled last week but thank goodness preggos can take Zpack and the unseasonably cool Dallas weather was conducive to spending hours in bed reading good books and waiting for James to bring me tacos (naturally). I finally started feeling like myself again on Monday, so I'm grateful I feel better in time for our fun trip.

There's so much more to catch up on so stay tuned. It feels so good to hop back into a writing rhythm. Happy (almost) weekend!

Around Here

Life has felt so full lately, a perfect balance of travel and rest and productivity and fun and a lot of really good time with people I love, especially James. We've had friends visit from out of town, hosted barbecues in our backyard (in February!), treated ourselves to foot massages, and tried new restaurants (like Filament, Afrah, Unleavened Kitchen, and Motor Sisters Ice Cream). We went to a monster truck rally (beyond hilarious and entertaining), took Coach on approximately 204,237 walks, cleaned out our closets, and binge-watched House of Cards. We've launched individual passion projects (a podcast for me - stay tuned! - and grilling for him), booked an anniversary trip (to Seattle to visit Karli & Nick + to Florida to lay on the beach!), bought a new couch, and taken lots of naps. I spent a weekend in Boulder with my best friends from college, and I celebrated my beautiful bestie, Laura's, bachelorette weekend in Austin, one of my very favorite places. Tomorrow I head to Florida for the second annual adult spring break, this time with Kyla and our sweet mommas. This year feels like it's flying by, and while there have definitely been hard days, when I look back at the past few weeks it's easy to remember how very blessed we are.

Image via Kate Arends / Wit & Delight

Around Here

Happy summer, the best time of the year! I've been traveling like a madwoman this month - since our brother-sister trip to Seattle, I've gone home to Chicago to spend Father's Day weekend with my parents, to Little Rock for a business trip, and I'm heading to Malibu tonight to host a bachelorette party for Becca! Needless to say, there has been lots of coffee & books involved (my favorites being a piping hot flat white & Still Alice, respectively). While I am ready to enjoy some quiet weekends in July, I truly wouldn't want my life to look any other way - I am so blessed by my travels and adventures.

I'll definitely be posting some fun recaps when the dust settles, so in the meantime, I'll be posting photos on Instagram! I'd love for you to tag along.


Andrew and I had so, so much fun on our brother-sister trip last weekend. Seattle was absolutely amazing, with perfect weather to boot. I couldn't get over all of the gorgeous water and delicious fresh air. We stayed at the Ace Hotel in Belltown, which we loved - our room was darling and the amenities (free breakfast, including fresh waffles & Stumptown coffee) were fabulous. I have to share this synopsis about the Ace found on the hotel's website because I thought it was so fascinating - I learned some things about the boutique chain that I didn't know.

We fell in love with a former maritime workers' hotel in Belltown and started our first-ever hotel in 1999. It's where our roots are — the unfussy luxury and intentional design ethos that drive the Pacific Northwest. Loft ceilings, hardwood floors (wherever we could preserve them) and art by our friends like KAWS and Shepard Fairey in guest rooms were some of the elements that put us on the hotelier map, and they're still a touch point for Ace today.

The hotel is located a stone's throw from the water, which is bordered by an ideal running path encompassed within Centennial Park that's adorned with art installations and rose gardens, ensuring that we always had something beautiful to look at while we jogged. We spent so much time with Karli & Nick, our treasured friends who also served as the most incredible tour guides. Kar & Nick live in the Ballard neighborhood, a sweet area lined with darling houses and great restaurants. They took us to so many good spots - Pike Place Market, Gas Works Park (my favorite! all of that gorgeous water, wow), Kerry Park (such a good view of Seattle nestled in the gorgeous Queen Anne neighborhood), and the Olympic Sculpture Park.

In regards to food, we ate very well. We savored oysters & Negronis at Essex before noshing on bacon & onion pizza at Delancey. We drank fizzy fruit-infused beverages at Rachel's Ginger Beer (apropos name, no?) and soaked up sun on the heavenly patio at Westward, where we devoured more oysters, sardine, arugula & avocado toast, flavorful vichyssoise & rosé (if I had to choose, I vote for Westward as my favorite spot of the weekend). We dined in style at Single Shot, where I enjoyed a delicious pork chop with smashed peas & roasted potatoes, and we had late-night dessert at Pie Bar. We inhaled biscuit sandwiches & iced lattes at Morsel, and we cooled down with ice cream at Molly Moon's (I had strawberry with lemon curd in a homemade waffle cone - heaven).

In sum, the weekend was totally perfect. I fell head over heels for Seattle and its waterfront lifestyle, and I am already plotting my return. Best of all, I got to enjoy the weekend exploring the city with Andrew, which was the most special. I can't wait for our next trip together!

P.S. Andrew was the photographer on this trip - he's so talented - so enjoy a few photos from my iPhone for now!

Brother-Sister Trip

I can't believe I'm typing this but I'm getting on yet another plane today, this time for a personal adventure - a brother-sister trip to Seattle! Andrew and I started a tradition of taking siblings-only trips a few years ago (check out a recap of our Austin trip here), and I'm so excited to explore a new city together. I visited Seattle during my senior year of college and haven't been back, and Andrew's never been, so it's a perfect place for us to have an adventure. We're staying at the Ace Hotel and we'll get to spend plenty of time with our besties Karli & Nick, who moved to Seattle in January. We'll definitely be devouring pizza at Delancey (I read the book about the restaurant and loved it) and enjoying the weekend's amazing weather. Other than that, the agenda is wide open. I can't wait!