In May of 2009 Paula Minnis began volunteering with the International Rescue Committee as a mentor to a Burmese refugee woman, Catherin, and her two young children. She felt a call to make a difference with the refugee community in Dallas, and the IRC provided just the right opportunity for her to do some good work and build lasting relationships. Paula had no idea that this volunteer role would evolve into GAIA, a social business that would have the potential to reach even more refugee women and their families.

Image via Valerie Darling

Katelyn Barbier-Mueller


Katelyn Barbier-Mueller and her husband Oliver sat in their kitchen in early February musing about the causes they love and support. While they were talking, they felt called to do more than give of their personal resources—they wanted to give of their time, too, and they wanted to do something big, something that would recruit many more supporters and lots more funds. They dreamt up the idea of hosting a big party at the Happiest Hour to get people together and raise funds for several organizations that are near and dear to their hearts.

Else Agency

If you have been down to the Fashion Industry Gallery lately, you may have noticed a beautifully curated space that’s home to socially conscious brands like 31 BitsSseko DesignsTribe AliveKrochet Kids, and KarmaLit CandlesElse Agency is light, airy showroom that’s filled with gorgeous products that are sold to generate revenue for amazing causes all around the world. It’s an inspiring space with a compelling story.

Hunter Folsom

Hunter Folsom moved back to her hometown of Dallas in 2016 after graduating from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Hunter has always had a passion for service, and she credits her family for initially instilling the value within her. “My parents are people who find a lot of purpose and joy in giving back,” she says. “I’ve seen them go above and beyond in generosity in so many instances. If you express a need or a good cause, they typically will want to be a part of it. So I think that got me started.” Her desire to serve was further cultivated by her time at Pepperdine, where the university’s motto is “Freely ye received, freely give.”