But Does Social Media Activism Really Work?


We’re experiencing a truly unique social climate in the United States, one that is magnified by the comments and conversations happening in online spaces all over the internet. We’ve noticed that while so much good can come from posting photos, comments and links about social causes, a lot of inaction takes place online, as well.

Social media activism can certainly make life-changing impacts on humanitarian issues, but sometimes we allow ourselves to share posts and thoughts without pairing those online comments with real world follow-through. Well-intentioned posts are made without any indication that practical steps are being taken off-screen to create long lasting change. As the development director for a nonprofit organization, I’ve seen the profound impact made by people willing to walk the walk by being prepared to link online posts with tangible, life-changing actions. While social media plays an integral role in our organization’s long-term strategy, especially in terms of donor relations, our staff knows that real change ultimately comes about as the result of passion-turned-action, most often through service and financial support.

Image via Ted Emmons