How to Escape On Your Lunch Break


Summertime is here, and we are reveling in all of its goodness — afternoons at the pool, ice-cold beverages, juicy new reads, the most delicious fresh produce, and lots and lots of sunshine. But for many of us who don’t have a traditional summer vacation like we used to back in the glory days of our school years, these activities take place exclusively after work and on the weekends.

During the weekdays we’re still cooped up inside in our offices, and while we’re grateful to have jobs that foot the bills for our fun summertime adventures, we miss the freedom associated with this special time of year. So we’ve come up with some simple ways that we can incorporate summery goodness into our everyday lives while we’re at work by making suggestions of things we can do during our lunch break. We hope these tips will encourage you to embrace this summer wherever you may be.

Image via Esther Lee