Alone Together, A Book Review


Recently we’ve noticed that a flurry of articles, posts, and pieces have been written about the implications that modern-day technology and social media have on relationships. Perhaps these pieces were written in light of Facebook’s 10th birthday, or maybe it’s because there’s been a rise in research about the link between technology and real life. Either way, it’s caused us to take interest in a book written by Sherry Turkle in 2011 called Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. We were drawn in by praise for the book, specifically by this quote from the reviewers at the Financial Times:

In this beautifully written, provocative and worrying book, Turkle, a professor at MIT, a clinical psychologist and, perhaps, the world’s leading expert on the social and psychological effects of technology, argues that internet use has as much power to isolate and destroy relationships as it has to bring us together.

Of course, we know that there is so much beauty and healthy connectedness in the world because of the internet. After all, you wouldn’t even be reading this piece if you didn’t have access to the worldwide web! But since various forms of social media have now been around long enough for experts to assess the benefits and pitfalls of using them, we are increasingly aware of the ways in which we need to step away from the computer (or smart phone, or tablet) in order to truly live meaningful lives.