Why You Should Learn A Foreign Language


If you’re like many of us, you spent your high school years moaning and groaning about the required language courses that you needed in order to graduate, whining as you fumbled your way through grammar lessons, pop quizzes and — the worst! — oral exams.

Learning a second language was fun at times; remember those fiestas in Spanish and the cheese-tasting parties in French class? However, when the semester was peppered with quizzes, tests, essays and homework, the good times faded away quickly. Yet, when you strip away all of the class work and teenage angst, learning a new language can actually be incredibly fun. It’s sort of like when you graduate from school and realize that reading books can be enjoyable – just in the framework of the classroom, it had simply become another chore. Out in the real world, reading books are a respite from everyday life; they’re a way to escape, imagine, dream and explore.