Print Issue No. 20: Extro Nerds


When conducting initial research for this piece, I turned to the internet to see if it was just me who had repeatedly heard the opinion that introverts are smarter than extroverts or if that was a belief common held by the masses. In less than one second, Google produced more than 900,000 results presenting the stereotypes about both introverts and extroverts, specifically the ones associating their personalities with certain trains. Extroverts, who are assumed to be fun-loving, adventurous soul, are assumed to not always except in school or in the workplace. While they have lots of friends and plenty of social interactions, they aren't leaders in academic settings. Introverts, on the other hand, are viewed to be bookish and smart but lacking in community. They are often assumed to be awkward in social gatherings and inept at carrying on witty banter and casual conversations. So it's not just be, I mused. It got me wondering, where did this belief come from, and what do we do to combat it?