While I love to customize my projects with the nonprofits that I serve, I do also have a standard list of services that I offer. I look forward to connecting with you to determine which service might be the best fit for your organization.

Fundraising & Development Consulting

After conducting a thorough analysis of a nonprofit's existing fundraising and development-related strategies, I provide specific feedback, best practices, and detailed examples of how an organization can move forward to achieve their financial goals. I design and launch fundraising campaigns, print materials, and digital outreach, using creative storytelling and motivational messaging to inspire donors to give. I provide organizations with the verbiage, direction, and vision they need to successfully raise money for the causes that they champion. 

Donor Acquisition & Retention Strategies

I provide nonprofits with the strategies they can utilize to expand their donor base, open new avenues of support, and secure impactful financial gifts. Specifically, I lend my expertise in the nonprofit world to organizations needing to create monthly donor programs and nurture relationships with major supporters. I develop the tools and resources needed to encourage long-term engagement and nurture lasting relationships, including the creation of donor retention roadmaps and processes for converting supporters into lifelong donors. 

Operational Assessment

I provide comprehensive evaluations for organizations in need of restructuring, hiring assistance, or overall structural analysis. I simplify and clarify the organization's goals while empowering nonprofit leaders to create positive change within their teams. I supply organizations with assessments regarding staffing gaps their teams need to fill, and I create structural strategies that empower nonprofits to achieve their goals. 

Rachel Brown Consulting maintains prices that are affordable to even the smallest organization, and packages are always flexible so you will never pay for services that you do not need.