Episode #71: Traveling Through Europe with Lauren Bryan Knight


Lauren Bryan Knight is a Texas native who has spent nearly a decade living, working, blogging, and growing her family in London. Her travel-heavy blog and social media presence, Aspiring Kennedy, is read and followed by thousands who use the site for exciting travel tips as well a peek into Lauren’s lovely life abroad with her family. In addition to writing and blogging, Lauren serves as the coordinator for university students traveling abroad to spend a semester in London. Join us today as Rachel and Lauren talk all things travel and life overseas.

Episode No. 69: What It's Like to be a Young Foster Mom with Brit Garber


Brit Garber is a renaissance woman: she holds down two part-time jobs (one as the Operations Director with a nonprofit organization and one as an Executive Producer with a creative visual team) while pursuing her calling of fostering children in need. Listen in as Brit and Rachel talk about her day-to-day routines, the dream that was the catalyst for her foster mom role, and the traveling she likes to do in her free time (yes, she actually does have some free time!).

Episode No. 65: Communication Tips from a College Professor with Liz Navarro


Communication Tips from a College Professor || Liz Navarro is an educator and communications professional who loves to coach people who want to share their stories. As a university instructor, she has taught public speaking at Pepperdine University, and she currently teaches the same subject at Southern Methodist University. Liz is also a communications entrepreneur, and in this episode Rachel talks to her about pursuing side hustles, maintaining work-life balance, and favorite things to do in their mutual hometown of Dallas.

Episode No. 63: How Fashion and Service Collide with Ruthie Seager


How Fashion and Service Collide || Ruthie Seager is the Production Director at Re:new Project, a nonprofit organization devoted to creating a space for refugee women to thrive. She’s passionate about meshing the worlds of fashion and art with community and social justice. Join Rachel today as she and Ruthie discuss nonprofit strategies, refugee communities, and really good coffee.